Thursday, 17 January 2013

Inviting you to welcome Winter with our Simply Divine Circles with an evening or afternoon of Divine Peace and Serenity. Come celebrate You! Allow yourself to slow down, settle into the stillness of who you are. Let's fill the circle with Love, Abundance, Prosperity and Gratitude for ourselves.
The Divine Energy Circle is a place of rest in which you can simply Be and connect with yourself and your dreams... We meditate, embrace moments of silence, listen and share. It is a wonderful opportunity to energize & nourish your body, mind and spirit.

This circle is part of a series of three circles - each may be explored individually or as a continuum.
TUESDAYS    JANUARY 15 - FEBRUARY 12 - MARCH 12 from 12:30-2pm


Thank you for YOUR contribution of 50$ for the 3 Winter Circles* or 20$ it is much appreciated :)

*Duration of circle may vary upon number of participants. Offer available only if contribution is paid in full prior or the day of first circle.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Creativity Bubble: Divine Energy Circles

Creativity Bubble: Divine Energy Circles: Inviting you to welcome Autumn with our Simply Divine Circles with an evening or afternoon of Divine Peace and Serenity. Come celebrate ...

Kaisen-Muse Creativity Coaching TM

"Sophie is a dedicated and simply wonderful person to work with. As a colleague she is punctual, committed and reliable and as a teacher she works from her passionate heart of being. Simply lovely as a person! I can recommend her any time to whatever work or function she might pursue because I know she is driven by her respect and love for the work and for the relationships that she creates along her path."

Marianne Thornorg
Founder & Teacher of Sun & Moon Yoga


'Sophie is a wonderfully creative coach who has helped me get clarity on my priorities. With her support, I have put some very practical steps in place which help me to be more structured in my life. I don't like being told what I should be doing so Sophie's approach is perfect for me - her fun exercises allow me to find my own answers so I can decide for myself!'

Kelly Roughton
AAMET Level II EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

"It's an amazing experience to be coached by Sophie. I'm in the process of designing a program for teenage girls (my dream) and I am prone to feel overwelmed, scared, and frozen with too much to do.

The beauty of working with Sophie is she understands the importance of my goal to me and is traveling the journey with me - encouraging me and keeping it fun! Having Sophie along has changed my mountain climb into a playful exploration where I take small steps at my own pace.

My sessions with Sophie are rejuvenating - she helps me relax and trust my intuition; she asks great questions and gives me space to explore options. Sophie reminds me to take credit for my small achievements. She knows the key to creativity is patience and play.

Sophie uses awesome guided imagery which allows me to feel relaxed and centered. She listens between the lines and shows me cool stuff about our journey. It just dawned on me that Sophie is sort of a "midwife" to my creative dream. Awesome."

Kelly B.

Divine Energy Circle

"My first circle and I already ha a revelation about my relationship…it’s a big one for me I have been wondering for years. Sophie talked and Bang ! It will most definitely change things for me."

"So many wonderful things have happened. Music entered my life, the crystals I brought to bless became beautiful Lotus bracelets that found their owners, and I met new friends."

"This 2nd session was, for me, VERY POWERFULL, my whole body felt the emotions very strongly, you have done a fantastic job you deserve a gold star."

"This was a blessing – such a wonderful experience of connectedness and flow. Thank you for leading it with such generosity & authenticity."

"Thank you Sophie, your circle has helped my grief from the loss of my parents to heal. This has been the first time that the grief has healed … and I’ve been able to hold my parents without pain. Thank you for this gift."

“Sophie is a gifted facilitator. Every time I participate in her Divine Energy Circles, I feel deeply nourished, connected and effortlessly manifest many of my soul urges. Her energy, the wonderful people she attracts to the circle, and the results she inspires speak for themselves. Definitely a must for anyone committed to creating the life of their dreams!”


“I have had the pleasure of receving Reiki sessions from Sophie which are always a deeply restorative and enriching experience. Each time, after a session, I have felt deeply rebalanced and wonderfully energized. Gentle, powerful and effective, Sophie's treatments always feel like a gift. I highly recommend her services, she is a wonderful combination of professionalism balanced with a generous and caring spirit.”

Libby Parker from SolutionsfromWithin

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